You will convince yourself to start something new.
You will find the next step easy.
You will be full of fresh courage and vision.
You will envision a result and not focus on how difficult the task will be.
You will have not spent much energy in making your decision to begin something new.
Therefore, you will soon feel compelled to quit.
You will rationalize giving up.
You will experience convenience in this.
It will make life seem easier.
It will distract you from your goal.
Comfort will keep you from challenge and protect you from failure.
You will face this with resolve.
You will not give up.
You will realize that the majority of energy is yet to be expended.
You will come to terms with this.
You will make a pact with yourself to endure future strife in order to realize your goal.
You will not give up.
You will avoid the temptation of quitting.
You will begin to accomplish tasks.
You will find that the more you accomplish, the closer you are to your goal.
You will be aware of obstacles and hindrance but will neither fear nor avoid them.
You will reach a point of no return.
You will feel a difference.
You will come to understand that momentum is paramount to success.
As you accomplish tasks you will find your momentum builds.
It will speed you toward your target.
You will begin to feel that it is only a matter of time before your goal is realized.
You will find it strange to feel trepidation and fear surrounding the thought of reaching your goal.
You will picture the end result.
You will fill with sweet expectation.
You will reach your goal.
You will feel elation but soon after you will feel loss.
You will begin to question the value of the goal.
You will find yourself without purpose.
You will question your worth.
You will feel that perhaps what you sought was not in fact that which you truly wanted.
You will move through this.
You will realize that the process of achieving often holds more value than the achievement itself.
You will think back on how you came to be where you are now.
You will think on how you moved forward and did not stop.
You will know the feeling of true satisfaction.
You will understand how it demands true effort.
You will convince yourself to start something new.
You will find the next step easy.

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