I am a multidisciplinary artist whose primary focus is on creating timeless photography. I am forever listening with my eyes, sculpting with light, searching for meaning and seeking to create beauty through photography. I strive to nurture personal connections in order to artfully create enduring images that are elegant, meaningful and useful. I am a naturally curious person who adores the act of creating. In addition to photography, I create music, write and design and build beautiful things.

My primary focus is on classic, timeless portraiture. I love people and find humans endlessly fascinating. There isn’t much that interests me more than a person’s face; their family heritage, culture, the lives they’ve lived, and their experience of those lives all give each of us a kind of distinct personal magic. I believe that photography is a wonderful medium with which to capture and preserve that distinction, personal character and beauty.

Having worked in the food, wine and cocktail industry for many years, I am deeply passionate about the good things in life: warm hospitality, delicious food, incredible drinks, and beautiful, well-designed spaces. I love to combine my photographic skill with my extensive experience in the hospitality industry as a cocktail bartender, certified Sommelier and talented chef in order to create moving and memorable photography for restaurants, hotels and industry-related endeavours.

I have been creating photographs since 2006.

Some of my clients include:
Entertainment One
BMG Records

Scale Hospitality

Find me on Instagram at @CLAYTONCOOPER

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